Can you really get the retreat you want,
when you want, and where you want it?

Have Your Retreat
Your Way

 Would you rather 

Kick back, relax, and get pampered
Roll up your sleeves and change your life
A combination of the two

It's your retreat.

Get Pampered
(if you want)

Your retreat can have hot healing waters.

You've earned it. Go ahead and get the best of everything. Sit back and soak your cares away in relaxing, hot healing waters.

We can arrange whatever you like. Should your private retreat include massages or special healing sessions.

How about an ayurvedic session? Or perhaps you'd like an herbal wrap.

Maybe foot reflexology or acupressure to unstick your energy flows. This can be surprisingly relaxing and invigorating at the same time. 

Would you like to 

Do a detox
Lose weight
Gain energy
Just relax

Roll Up Your Sleeves
Get Major Life Changes
Create A New You

Our processes give you tremendous leverage.

If you really want to go for it, you have definitely come to the right place. If you're willing to cut back on the pampering, we can help you make incredible changes in your life.

This is for real.

Jim has been through the trenches, paid the dues, and discovered the essence of what makes dozens of self-help and spiritual systems work. And he has also learned what approaches are distractions at best.

You can take advantage of Jim's experience and put your personal growth / ego dissolution in the fast lane. This is quite real. Although we'll make it as easy as possible for you, and we make it as fun as possible, you will have to make a commitment if you want to take this path.

If you've been on other personal growth, or spiritual growth paths, then you are no stranger to commitment.

Everything you've learned will help you. However, you might need to let go of some old belief systems if you're really going to go for the gold.

These approaches are highly leveraged. You get maximum gain for minimal effort. And contrary to popular belief, you don't have to stir up a bunch of garbage in order to get personal gain.

Actually I'm hoping that you'll select this option. But the choice is yours.

This is your retreat.

Tell us what you want.

Would you rather 

Move towards enlightenment
Move towards achievement
Veg out
A combination of the above

It's your retreat.

Would you like to 

Focus on self-esteem
Focus on creativity
Learn to help others
Focus on ultimate happiness
Improve your writing
Learn to meditate
Learn to meditate better
Get closer to God
Increase your productivity
Get your project done at the retreat

It's your retreat.

Would you rather 

Be left alone
Be encouraged
Be nagged, with your permission, to accomplish tasks

It's your retreat.

Would you like to 

Get your work done with maximum creativity and productivity
Forget about work for a while

Have it your way.

Get Your Work Done
(If You Want To)

Get off the hamster wheel at the work retreat.

Can there be such a thing as a Work Retreat? There can be if you say so. You're the boss. You can do a work retreat if you wish.

We can get so mired in work that we run into road blocks, resistances, frustration, and wasted time. Sometimes we just spin our wheels and get nowhere.

You can make use of powerful consciousness techniques that make your work more fun and productive. You've got do it anyway, so why not have fun.

Your Fun Productivity Toolbox will include a ton of meditations, various attention management exercises, bliss writing exercises, and self-esteem exercises.

Would you rather 

Be in plush surroundings
Surround yourself with good vibes
Practice humility
Be in nature
Be on a ranch
Do a supervised retreat at home

It's your retreat.

Would you rather 

Be the only retreat participant
Be with your family
Be with your group

Have it your way.

Would you like 

Private counseling sessions
Soaking in healing waters
Transformational Breathing Sessions

It is your choice.

Would you like cutting edge approaches? 

Interacting with horses for biofeedback on your attitudes
Power releasing techniques
State of the art computer-human interfaces
Bliss exercises

Get The Best 

Rocket Fuel for the Soul - Blissercise Self-Help Manual

Just in case you don't know, Jim's guided meditations are life changing. YouTube users have played them over a quarter million times.  

His Meditation Vacations website has all those meditations in addition to a wealth of life essential information.

His book Rocket Fuel for the Soul - Blissercise Self-Help Manual has over 400 writing exercises that can help you quickly reach a state of bliss. The exercises cover just about ever major life area. You can do these exercises and get an amazingchange in the way you feel.

A bliss exercise takes only twenty minutes.

These are just some of the tools that are available in your customized retreat.

It's your choice.

Tell us what you want.

Depending on your wishes, we will customize a team to give you what you want, where you want, and when you want. We'll do our best to cater to your wishes. We will bring in the experts that are best for you. 


Jim Kitzmiller has been exploring human development and consciousness for forty years. He knows what works well and what is only fluff. He knows many of the best practitioners in the human potential movement.

His guided meditations have had over a quarter million plays on YouTube. His book Rocket Fuel for the Soul - Blissercise Self-Help Manual presents over 400 simple exercises to help people bring themselves to a state of bliss.

Jim Kitzmiller

Jim is looking forward to sharing his gifts with you. He has the ability to get to the essence and help you get maximum gains with minimum time and efforts.

Please call Jim on his cell phone at 1-619-665-3659.

You are Divine.

Jim Kitzmiller

P.S. You will get the utmost privacy and confidentiality.